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Custom Deck Design in Boynton Beach FL

A lot goes into designing a custom deck. There are many things to consider such as the current landscaping and the structure that the deck is being attached to.  Do we want the deck in a shady place, or in a place that receives as as much sun as possible?  Is there need for custom railings, or a bump-out for a BBQ or what about a covered cooking area? If there’s one thing we’ve learned is that years of skilled craftsmanship, experience and dedication go into designing any deck. Hiring the right company that is knowledgable and does Custom Deck Design in Boynton Beach FL is critical!

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to build a new deck on your vacation home, or a homebuilder looking to have several decks designed and built onto the homes in your new sub-division or development, Miami Deck Builders has the years of knowledge and experience that will make your project a reality. You simply won’t find a more dependable, reliable custom deck design company anywhere else.
We Offer Premier Custom Deck Design in Boynton Beach FL

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Our Custom Deck Designs in Boynton Beach FL Feature

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  • Homeowner Deck Design
  • Townhome Deck Design
  • Restaurant Deck Design
  • Pool Deck Design
  • Multilevel Deck Design
  • Wrap Around Deck Design
  • Deck Stair and Railing Design
  • Covered Cooking Areas
  • Deck Seating and Benches
  • BBQ bump-outs

The Advantages of a Custom-Designed Deck

By investing in a custom deck, you can create a spot with features that appeal to everyone. If your home isn’t built directly on the ground, you can request high railings to keep small children safe. A house that’s not constructed this way can be enhanced with a custom deck with fewer railings. During these design projects, we usually place railings in key areas to give a home curb appeal. If curb appeal is important, we can help you take your deck to the next level by angling the railing so that they make the entire home’s structural layout stand out.

Because we’re skilled contractors, we use a variety of practical elements in our blueprints that can boost reliability and comfort on a hot day. For example, if a home is built in a spot that lacks shade, our crew will recommend a compact roof. Our custom roof blueprints are very practical, and the design schemes blend nicely with shingles that are found on vintage and modern houses. These are just some of the reasons why it’s important to select the right company to do your custom deck design in Boynton Beach FL.

Our Approach to Designing Your Custom Deck in Boynton Beach FL

Custom Deck Design in Boynton Beach FL
When we tackle design projects, we always implement procedures to ensure professional results. Our approach seeks to update and improve your home in a way that adds functionality as well as increasing its total resale value.

Our goal during all projects is to develop designs that give families opportunities include helpful features. For example, if a property has enough real estate, we’ll arrange the flooring so that a fire pit can be placed on the deck as a focal point. If needed, we’ll also create designs for built-in furniture so that guests can sit near the fire. Built-in furniture is strong and won’t tumble during a storm because it’s constructed out of wood and mounted in place.

If you’d like designs for a custom deck in Miami, please contact us today and schedule an appointment with our staff. – We Offer Premier Custom Deck Design in Boynton Beach FL

A History of Designing Custom Decks in Boynton Beach FL

We’ve been designing custom decks in Miami and Boynton Beach FL for over 20 years. Our deep knowledge of the ins and outs of deck building and deck design has earned us awards and, more importantly, the appreciation and repeated trust of our customers in the Miami area. We strive to be the deck builders you turn to whenever the need arises and when folks come asking “Who designed your deck?”.

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